Out of 1920s America, the most celebrated and secret bars emerged, where suave jazz, low-key fun and illicit booze were the talk of the town.

Welcome to the world of Charlie Franks, Plymouth’s first (and finest) speakeasy-style restaurant where you’ll find a lavishly modern update of uniquely 1920s-era illicit watering holes.

We’re a little bit decadent, a little bit off the beaten track and the gorgeous go-to for discerning, dashing and glam glitterati looking for a unique antidote to everyday hum-drum. 

Our cool, vintage vibe is perfect for sharing secrets and getting together with friends, family or shhh…who knows?!

You’ll be transported to a world bathed in character and class, where the art of conversation, classic cocktails and candlelight are all part of our inimitable style and charm.

Swathes of rich reds, wood panelling and a backlit bar set the scene, while uniformed staff take you on a tour of our delicious Americana-inspired menu created using the finest local produce.

Think tailored cocktails, unique ambiance and the perfect combination of relaxed chic and low key laughter.

Kick-back in luxury for a post-work catch-up over cocktails or a raucous (or relaxing) family get together, while crooners sing torch songs and the melodies of an exclusive era gone by.

Charlie Franks
Charlie Franks
Charlie Franks
“As I leave I’ve been made to feel like a millionaire”
– SS, August 2017, Comment card
“The food was incredible, the cheesecake to die for.
I would definitely recommend Charlie Franks and will be visiting again soon.”
– DK, July 2017, Facebook review
“All I can say it went above and beyond my expectations from the beginning”
– MS, July 2017, Facebook review
Charlie Franks